Saturday, January 15, 2011

Strumming the chords of my heart


O He who strums the chords of my heart,
Forty notes a day;
Singing the lyrics He composed from pre-eternity,
I got nothing more to say;
He who had let me lay sick the other day,
makes me brisk walk this new day;
Gazing His faces changing clues,
I read the ever changing cues;
Taking on the color of the water,
Am a pitcher, oh dear...

Call me a hypocrite I don't care
Blog my faith
Tweet my heart
Say a prayer
I have my Creator
Nothing else matter

Walk His Walk
Makes me talk
Stirred to sing
Strum a guitar
Harmonizing a life
on loan thusfar.

Wishing all of you a relaxing weekend. I am going to explore my musical talent, if any, and see what gets manifested. InshaAllah... 

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