Friday, April 15, 2011

Dr. Afifi Al-Akiti on Salawat Adnan


Dr. Afifi Al Akiti, a Malaysian lecturer at the University of Oxford urged the audience to not only recite 'Salawat Adnan' but to also understand its meanings. Speaking at Masjid Tuanku Mizan in conjunction with the Mawlidur Rasul & Haul of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al Jailani, he said not many people knew that 'Salawat Adnan' was composed by Abdul Mutalib. Some people questioned this fact, but quoting Imam Al Ghazali he said, people are enemies of what they are ignorant of.

According to the author of Sirah Ibn Ishaq, when Abdul Mutalib heard the wonderful news of Prophet Muhammad's birth, he went to the Kaabah. That was in fact his second visit to the Kaabah. The first time he had gone there was to make du'a when Abrahah was under attack.

Prophet Muhammad's grandfather was extremely elated by the arrival of his grandson. The salawat was an expression of his joy: Praise be to Allah for giving me this boy who was born with the most beautiful dress. Indeed, Prophet Muhammad's birth was clean and pure with no trace of blood nor placenta. And that he would be sayyid of all babies and mankind even while he was in the cradle. Abdul Mutalib also prayed that he would be able to see the baby grow big enough to be walking about. Allah answered his prayers, Prophet Muhammad was 8 years old when Abdul Mutalib passed away.

It is important to note that after Abdul Mutalib's demise, several verses of 'Salawat Adnan' (e.g. Solla alai kallah) had been added anonymously. Dr. Afifi ended his short tausiyah by reminding the audience to have both spiritual and intellectual zikr and that we should not disregard something completely if we don't understand some aspects of it. He also encouraged the audience to sing the salawat and teach it to little children.

Solla 'alai kallahu ya Adnaani
Ya Mustofa ya sof watar rahmani
Alhamdulillahil lazi aq tho ni
Hazal ghula mad thoyyibal ar daa ni
Hazal ghula mad thoyyibal ar daa ni
Qod sa dafil mahdi 'alal qilmaa ni
U 'ee zuhu bil bayti zil ar karni
Hatta aro hu baalighul bunyaani
Antallazi summi ta fil qur'ani
Antallazi summi ta fil qur'ani
[Repeat first verse]
Ahmadu maktuubun 'alal jinaani
Solla alaikallah hu fil ah yaa ni
Ahmaduhu fis sirri wal 'iq laa ni
Haqqan 'alal Islaami wal imaani
Haqqan 'alal Islaami wal imaani
[Repeat first verse]
Ahmaduhu fis sirri wal 'iq laa ni
Haqqan 'alal Islaami wal imaani
Ya Rabbana bil Mustofal 'adnaa ni
Iq fir zunu bi summa as lih sha ni
Iq fir zunu bi summa as lih sha ni
[Repeat first verse]

May the prayers of Allah be upon you, Adnan
You Mustafa the choice of Arrahman
Thanks be to Allah for granting me this pure boy
Who surpassed all his peers while still in the cradle

I protect him by the House (the Kaaba) with the strong corners
Until I see him towering in his growth
You are the one named Ahmad in the Quran 
Written all over the walls of Jannah (paradise)

May Allah shower his prayers over you
Whom I thank loudly and in private
Truthful in Islam and Iman
By Almustafa (the chosen one) Adnan, O Lord
Forgive my sins and reform my character

Credit: Mawlidur Rasul at Datuk Sidek's, Penang
15 Rabi'ul Awal 1434H

The Mawlidur Rasul & Haul Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al Jailani at Masjid Tuanku Mizan was hosted by the Al-Wariseen Trust. May I be forgiven for any mistakes or unintended omissions. Wallahu a'lam.
Translation credit: Sidi M & Co


  1. Salaam wa alaykum,

    I want to thank you for the explanation and translation of this beautiful recitation. As I was listening to Ilahee on Youtube I stumbled across this and had the need to know of its content. I also translated it into Turkish from your english translation for my turkish brothers and sisters to understand, too.

    Allahın duaları üzerinde olsun, Adnan
    Sen Mustafa, Rahmanın seçilmiş olanı
    Şükürler olsun Allah'a bana bu saf çocuğu verdiğin için,
    Beşiğinde olduğu halde tüm akranlarını aştı

    Onu koruyorum güçlü köşeli evin yanında (Kâbe)
    Ben onun büyüyüp yükselmesini görene kadar
    Sen Kur'an 'dan Ahmet adıyla olansın
    Cennetin bütün duvarlarına yazılmış

    Allah senin üzerine dualarını yağdırsın
    Yüksek sesle ve mahremde ona şükrettiğim
    Samimi hem İslam hem de İmanda
    El Mustafa (seçilmiş olan) Adnan 'dan, ya Rab'
    Günahlarımı af ve kişiliğimi islah eyle.

    If I should by any means have any mistakes done in translation, may Allah forgive me.

    Wa assalamunalaykum wa rahmatullah wa baarakatuhu...

  2. Wa alaykumSalam warahmatullah.
    My apologies for this very late reply.
    Jazakallahukhair for sharing : )
    Ramadan Kareem!
    May we improve our ubudiyah this Ramadan and be chosen to witness Laylatul Qadar.


  3. Salam. May I know what is the name of this maulid book?.

  4. Salam
    I think it's "Mawlid Barzanji". Try zoom in the pic and read the Arabic script for the full name. I can't remember, it's a long time ago.