Thursday, June 9, 2011

"MashaAllah we are in the blessed month of Rajab." - Hajjah Naziha Adil


Before leading the ladies zikir (khatam khawajagan) in KL yesterday, Hajjah Naziha Adil (daughter of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim) spoke in her soft sweet tone saying:

"MashaAllah, mashaAllah, we are now in the blessed month of Rajab. Rajab is for Allah. Shaaban is for the Prophet and Ramadhan is for the ummah. May Allah forgive us for Allah forgive people in Rajab. [I am speaking] Based on what I heard from my mother, Rajab is the month of prayer. In our country, some people who seldom pray in the other months would start praying in Rajab. May Allah forgive us. Rajab Mubarrak to you! May you get to go for hajj this year. May Allah protect us and our countries. May Allah prevent shaytan from entering the hearts of people and their leaders. May Allah give us a good president and give mercy to humanity. We are ajeez, weak servants of Allah. We are like ants. Little by little may Allah raise our level in paradise."

At the end of the zikir, Hajjah Naziha reminded the ladies on something her mom had often said to her:
"My mom said, when we go to majlis zikir, do not think that we are coming, walking or driving. We are riding on the wings of the angels. And every step we take, we become higher by ten levels. Ten good manners will replace ten bad manners. Allah has gathered us here, may He gather us in paradise with Nabi Muhammad s.a.w."
Wallahu a'lam. May I be forgiven for any unintentional errors or ommissions in my note taking.

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  1. Ameen to this ameen.

    Loving this alot. Rajab is the best time to sow our seeds, bizinillah I am focusing on doing just that - ilahi anta maqsudi wa ridhoka matlubi.

    By the way, amazingly enough inshallah Sh. Yaqoubi is visiting my hometown, inshallah I hope to go. I wasnot as my mosque is not the best of mosques ( I do not feel welcome at the best of times) but this has encouraged me to go, for I wish to feel inspired inshallah!

    I do hope you are okay. I prayed for you again. I am on the first story in the book - where the man had a dream about hajj so he gave up his job to go there. I do had a dream - I am working on getting pre-pared. I have created a hajj widget on my phone. I have also calculated the holidays I can take. Now I am focusing on preparing my heart, wish me well Ezza.

    Jumma mubarak.
    Loving you much..til Arafah inshallah!xx