Sunday, January 15, 2012

Be not judgemental

Al Hakam by Hamid Iqbal Khan

Have we been too judgemental? That's why all the lessons that came our way lately were mostly about being judgemental. We live in a society that judges one another, maybe. We all like to play judge maybe because we think we are better than others. Even if we are shy about judging others, we often feel that we are being judged for this and for that. And those who judge other people, perhaps they are seeking conformity. They expect people to conform to their way because their way is the only correct way. And that does not necessarily mean they know better.

In relation to this matter, we heard Shaykh Ninowy quoting Sayyid Alawi Al Abbas (father of Abuya/Sayyid Muhammad Alawi Al-Maliki, Rahimallahu ta'ala) and we cannot let it slip from our notes without posting it here:

Sayyid Alawi Al Abbas said:
"Those who know less, judge more.
Those who know more, judge less."

And Shaykh Ninowy said: "Unity does not mean conformity, The imam mahzab didn't conform to each other but they were united. Today we strive for conformity instead of unity."

Let's think about it. 
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