Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Faithful Slaves of South Africa | Mausoluem of the Western Cape


First and foremost, I would like to bid welcome to one respected reader of Lisan al-Din. Sister N, welcome to Kuala Lumpur! She, (gorgeous she) is from Cape Town and when a faithful Muslim travels she/he tends to bring along her/his faith along. Because of that I got to learn more about Islam in South Africa. Because faithful believers who were forced to come to South Africa in the 17th century had brought along and defended their faith, Islam got firmly established as solid as Table Mountain.

They had been brought to the southern tip of the African continent as slaves or prisoners, but in reality they were devouts slaves of Allah and their faith escaped all physical imprisonment. Certainly, no matter what the circumstances they were thrown in, the awliya Allah neither feared nor grieved. And surely Allah fulfills His words, He has honored them, they who honored His deen, by making us aware of their presence, so many of them in a relatively concentrated location in beautiful Cape Town.

If I may have the honor of stating their names and in so doing, let's pray for their barakah, and may Allah make us hold strong to Islam as they did.

Al Fatihah
  • Sayed Abduraghman Motura (Tuan Matarah)
  • Sheikh Yusuf (1626 - 1699)
  • Tuan Dea Koasa (Indonesian origin)
  • Tuan Ismail Dea Malela (Indonesian origin)
  • Sayed Abdul Aziz
  • Sheikh Abdurahman Matebe Shah (a Malaccan Sultan)
  • Sayed Mahmud (Malay of the West Coast Sumatera)
  • Sheikh Abdul Mutaleb
  • Sheikh Noorul Mubeen
  • Sayed Jaffer
  • Sheikh Ali Sayed Bassier
  • Sheikh Mohamed Hassen Ghainie Shah
  • Tuan Kaape-ti-Low
  • Imam Abdullah ibn Kadi Abdus Salaam (Tuan Guru)
  • Tuan Sayed Alawie (Yemen origin)
  • Tuan Numruman (a slave)
  • Sayed Abdul Malik (a slave from Batavia)
  • Sayed Abdul Haq (a descendant of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w)
  • Sayed Moegsien bin Alawie (a descendant of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w)
  • Sheikh Abdurahman ibn Muhammad al Iraqi (from Basra Iraq)
  • Sheikh Abdul Kader
  • Moulana Abdul Latief (from India)
  • Shaykh Hazrat Khwaja Sayed Mehboob Ali Shah Chishti Nizami Habibi Faqiri (d. 2005)
  • Tuan Masud
  • Sayed Abdul Kader
  • Sheikh Suleiman
The above mentioned saints formed the 'Ring of Islam' - an imaginary ring of mausoleum (kramats) surrounding Cape Town. For those of you who could afford it, visit spiritual South Africa!

'Guide to the Kramats of the Western Cape' 
- a publication by the Cape Mazaar (Kramat) Society


  1. Subhaa'nallah. What a nice surprise to read your latest entry on our beloved Cape Town and its saints. Ma'salaam, Rashaad

  2. Assalamualaykum Rashaad,
    I have fallen in love with Cape Town, just hearing about it! I pray and I pray and I pray, I'll get to go there someday bi-iznillah. And would be wonderful if I could migrate there hahaha who knows?!