Saturday, January 7, 2012

Habib Munzir Al-Musawa at Darul Murtadza


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah, it was my first time to sit in Habib Munzir's majlis. It was a majlis organized by Darul Murtadza under the tutelage of Habib Ali Zainal Abidin.

Habib Munzir counselled the audience on the functions of our senses. The eye's function is to witness the source of blessings. In a hadith of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w we learned about one of the seven groups of people who would be granted mercy are those who remember Allah with tears in their eyes.

And make the tongue honorable through recitations of the holy verses. Again in a hadith of Rasulullah s.a.w we learned about the virtues of reciting Subhanallah wabihamdih Subhanallahil Azeem 100 times a day. One's sins shall be made to vanish even if one's sins is as plenty as the sea foam. But in truth Allah needs no purification. It all goes back to ourself. It is Allah who purifies us from sins. It is He who purifies us from abasement. It is Allah who purifies us from shameful characters. So people, purify your heart from having evil intentions. Be of those who are inclined to make glorifications, to honor Allah as in the zikr SubhanAllah.

Recite Al-Ikhlas 100 times a day and praiseworthy attributes shall spring forth from you. Allah will thereby lift any hijab (veils) and He will open the doors of mercy to you. In each moment He reserves the light of His mercy for those who call upon Him. Make du'a: "O Allah in each moment make me nearer to you." Who among us, make such a petition? Verily Allah may convert one's wrong-doing into a good reward. He is All-forgiving and He even forgive us without us begging for mercy. Know that between each prayer lies His pardon. He forgives us more than we could ever ask Him.

The heavens are of less meaning compared to being in His presence - maiyyah. The context of presence here is not one which  is zahir (physical) nor it is zatiyah (in essence). It is about being conscious of His presence through His love and His gentleness. It [the station of maiyyah] is for those who constantly remember Allah and make much mention of His Name. La ilaha illAllah is our pledge of allegiance towards Allah. It is also the pledge of allegiance of Allah towards His servant. O people, say it with sincerity and you shall be saved from the torments of the Fire.
Allahu a'lam. The above is neither verbatim notes nor it is a full transcript of Habib Munzir's speech at Darul Murtadza. May I be forgiven for any unintentinal errors and omissions. Please take note that from 20th January 2012 onwards Darul Murtadza's majlis will be conducted at a new location - Masjid Mu'adz bin Jabal at Setiawangsa KL. I ask for your prayer so that Allah grant the tawfik to attend many more majlis ta'lim and benefit from them. InshaAllah.

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