Monday, July 30, 2012

Phase 2 of Ramadhan


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah, the first ten days of mercy this Ramadhan 1433 Hijri have just left us and we are entering its second phase i.e. the second ten days, the merits of which as we learned from a hadith of the Prophet s.a.w is, forgiveness (maghfirah).

How incomparable and vast is the forgiveness of Allah. SubhanAllah, we sin and sin again yet His door of forgiveness is ever open. The second ten days of Ramadhan resemble a gateway of forgiveness. Surely, we depend on our Creator who pardons, who is the Most Merciful. 

Why should we depend on creations? Why should we put our heart on creations? Because if you inadvertently say something that is displeasing to their ears and ego, they withdraw their 'friendship' from you. People who are only interested in taking from you something that conforms to the objective they have of you.  People who act as god, checking on you and waiting to reprimand your misstep but woe unto them who are themselves being judged by the only One who is worthy of judging.

But Subhan is Allah, Subhan is Allah who guides us, who is merciful to us and who pardons our wrongs. SubhanAllah. SubhanAllah. SubhanAllah.

We turn to 'The Sublime Revelation' again, and quote a du'a made by the honorable Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani (qaddasallahu sirruh) on the 10th of Ramadhan 545H:

O Allah, 
Grant pardon, forgiveness, tolerance, forbearance, and renewed grace.
Do not expose us to disgrace.
Do not chastise us for ours sins.
O Allah, O Generous One (Kareem),
You have said: 
'And He it is who accepts repentance from His servants,
and pardons evil deeds.' (Quran 42:25)
Relent toward us and pardon us! 

Translator credit: Allahyarham Muhtar Holland. Al-Fatihah
Publisher credit: Al Baz Publishing

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