Friday, September 28, 2012

A sinner's future


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah. It's Friday. 
T.A.I.F - Thank Allah It's Friday! Jum'ah mubarrak people! 

I have been reading some exciting tweets and articles on management like 'The Simple Power of One a Day' which reminded me of my commitment of intent when I started this space - to try to write a blog post a day. I noticed some tweets by professional organizations actually resonate with Islamic teachings. Today Harvard Business Review tweeted: "If you find yourself rushing to judgment, pause." 

And some plain truths just make me smile like an article on 'The Messy Business of Management' which gives a refreshing perspective on the "intelligent" mess that we have to deal with at workplace or elsewhere, in life. To me it's about being adaptable. ["Adaptability is a sign of intelligence" tweeted Vala Afshar.] Yes, to me it's about being adaptable in trying to deconstruct a mess, which as defined by Russel L. Ackoff is "a system of constantly changing, highly interconnected problems, none of which is independent of the other problems that constitute the entire mess." Russel also said "Managers don't solve simple, isolated problems, they manage messes." I say a big thank you to him for saying that, for acknowledging that there is plenty of mess in organizations. But it's all good. We all learn and grow from it.

Anyways, it's Friday and I thought of scribbling something related to work. But then again, everything is work if you think about it. Life is work. And we have to keep working at it. Oh another funny tweet I read and quoted before: if you complain too much about your day, try going without one! 

As we close the week, let's reflect on our wins and losses too. But let's not dwell too much on losses or sins committed this week. Regret yes, but move on because shaytan wants us to be sad and despair and not have hopes that Allah is ever forgiving. So let's not make him win. Oprah quoted Warren Buffet in her tweet today: "Every saint has a past. Every sinner has a future." So there.

Wish you all a blissful Friday and a happy weekend. By the way, I turned 42 last Tuesday, so I really wanna chill this weekend. Alhamdulillah He has made me live this far, that He has created me - nikmat ijad - we must be grateful for that. Nothing to hide about my age. Thanks to my lovely friends for your kind wishes. 


p/s Happy birthday to you too Sister Rahimah! You are so sweet! You know I am just shy and humbled that there are  many readers of Lisan al-Din who are very respectable, polite and kind. You all have my utmost respect! I am a nobody. Thank you.

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