Thursday, November 15, 2012

Another year has gone | 1434 Hijri - Bismillah


We embrace the new Hijri year with Bismillah. We learned from our guides that to say Bismillah is to attach ourselves to the Eternal. 

We have to attach ourselves to the Eternal lest we end up being stuck with the ego and remain grounded in the lower sphere of deceitful self.

The self tends to do things to please the creations more than the Creator. Some people read our musings, evaluate and then tell us 'you deliver'. But we are not keen on delivering anything. Neither do we pretend to be a mystic. We are weak and naive. One who simply write about things that move the heart. A heart which is not sophisticated. It is full of emotions, fluctuating from time to time. A heart which is in between His two fingers, so we laugh, we cry and write from the heart whatever its condition is. 

The past year, as in any year, was full of ups and downs, full of basthu and qabdhu moments.  Alhamdulillah

We now open a new chapter with bismillah and admitting la hawla wala quwwata illah billah.

Pray so that Allah keep our faith straight and strong, that we'll get closer to Him and His beloved Prophet s.a.w.

May it be a good year for us all - 1434 Hijri.

p/s Humbly asking for your du'a as I'm travelling this Awal Muharram holiday. May Allah provide generously, protect our safety and grant some useful knowledge. Ameen.

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