Sunday, November 11, 2012

Life as is | Life goes on


Life is such that He gives to each one of us as He wishes, as He wills. We do not have to go far to appreciate that. In a family of five, one or two members may appear to be more fortunate than the rest; one or two members may appear to be different than the others, as far as the physical eyes can see, as far as the outsiders might notice -- notice but at a glance. We know not what happens in someone's family or life for that matter because it's as dynamic as it can be. To each his own, they say. But to Allah we shall all return at the end of the day.

But then again, can someone who does 100 salawat be of the same rank as someone who does 1000 salawat?  It can't be because His work is such that, He said, He would give 10 good for 1. Who are we to want to claim more or argue if His apportionment is as such?

In any case, Allah is all knowing, Allah is fair even if it might not seem so to some people who are often quick to say "Oh the world is not fair."

The recent incident that befell my relatives is fair for all because there's a lesson for everyone and anyone who cares to look deeper. Something good always come out of His works. We have husnul zan towards our Creator and His actions. May Allah replace all losses with something a whole lot better. Ameen.

On a personal note, on behalf of my mother, we wish to say thank you to our representatives, family friends and families in Penang who are looking out for the affected family members. Each one of us can only do so much. Still nothing escapes His sight.

Life goes on. And we pray Allah will give them hidayah, tawfik, sihah wal afiah, 'ilm, fahm, rizq and so much more. One thing for sure, they are in a unique position where their prayers would have a better chance of being maqbul. Our thoughts are with them. Our prayers are for them.

Aunt & Cousin
(and uncles)

I was taken aback when the media described my cousin as 'Person with Disabilities'. The term never crossed my mind. Not once have I thought or regarded her in that light. To our family she is innocently pure. She may not have been capacitated to absorb information or knowledge as much as we do. But given her incapacities, Allah capacitated her tongue to be free of ghibbah (backbiting), lies, suspicion, slander, vain talk and the like. MashaAllah

May Allah forgive us all.

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