Saturday, December 15, 2012

Momentum | Memento


Alhamdulillah for one small unexpected gift - the 2013 Gregorian and 1434-1435 Hijri calendars from Saudi Aramco World magazine.

It's an excellent publication which you may wish to subscribe. The word excellent is an understatement actually. And it's free. And mashaAllah you could even request for a complimentary DVD for the mag's archive from 1950 to 2010 just as they appear in the printed magazine. Being the hungry word consumer that I am -  that just made my jaw drop! 

And [Gosh so many ands. That's a no-no.] if anyone of you (just one person) who is a serious reader, who wants a GIFT subscription of the magazine, be the first to drop me an email with your full name, address and zip code. So that will be a little year-end memento for you In sha Allah.

Yay...we all like year-ends don't we? But for a blogger with a target, it can be quite challenging to keep the momentum. Yesterday was a good example. Anyways, let's persevere and sprint to the finishing line shall we.

So what were your favorite moments this year? Plenty, I hear you say. If I could choose just one, it would be the moment when I got my promotion letter on my mother's birthday! Alhamdulillah. And when I was told: "hire whomever you like." It's a nice feeling. Alhamdulillah. So with more new team members coming in, I hope and pray it will be a more productive, enjoyable and rewarding year - 2013  In sha Allah.

Hmm...this looks like another year-end rambling from me. Sorry. But hey, it's the weekend.

Let's chill.

I think the joy of being told "Hire whomever you like" is equivalent to hearing your parents tell you: "Marry whomever you like." Unless you are stuck in a culture or circumstances where you are not given that sweet freedom.


  1. salam. that's nice. ada keje kosong? part-time ke :)

  2. Salam Akhi,
    It's been a while...hope you and lovely wife are well.
    Heh heh, ada, ada. Tapi permanent. Better permanent. Now who doesn't want to work with a company who records positive revenue growth for 24 consecutive quarters...and counting (In sha Allah).
    Drop your resume at my private email.