Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rizq zahir & batin


One mua'leem at Masjid Sultan last night gave a tausiyah on a Kitab by Shaykh Zainal Abidin Muhammad Al Fathani. He reminded the audience that rizq (provision) is not just food, money or property but also that of the batin aspect such as amal soleh, ibadah, zikir and makrifah.

Consider the batin provision Allah promises for those who perform the sunnat prayers bundled with the fardh prayers, for it is better than this world and its contents.

May Allah grant this faqir the tawfiq to practise all that which she reminds people on this blog.

And I humbly ask for your du'a for a friend who is hospitalised, please.


p/s Cet Amour Nest Pas Chose Facile is a soothing song for the soul by the Ibn Arabi Ensemble.

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