Monday, March 10, 2014

Soaring hopes for MH370


When we are faced with a calamity, we say Innalillah wa inna ilai hiraji'un.

When we are in a dire circumstance as we are now - potentially losing precious lives on board flight MH370 since its disappearance on Saturday March 8 - we realize better how small and inadequate we are in relation to God's Knowledge and His Power.

But surely our hopes soar high, very high that a better outcome will surface from the search and rescue initiatives.  

My empathy is for Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, a Penangite aged 53,  who was leading the flight. I am one of a million others who must be guilty of taking for granted the heavy responsibility that a flight captain shoulders. How many times have we flown and have had a good time flying? But how many times have we actually felt thankful for the captains and their crew? Only when something goes terribly amiss do we mention these unsung heroes and sadly, sometimes, with skepticism.

Captain Zaharie just like his crew, she and he, just like his passengers, she and he, is someone's son, daughter, father, mother, wife, husband, sister or brother. They all have families. We all have families.

There may be several nationalities on board as there is faith but we are all Bani Adam, we are all children of Adam. We all share the same beliefs in everything good. We all have hopes for all things good. In times of crisis, this universal fact becomes more apparent. Oftentimes it is a universal truth that can and should undermine one's ego and selfishness.

In this difficult time we are in, we pray so that Allah will manifest His Mercy on our big family and guide us out of this darkness of not knowing the fate of the souls on board MH370. It is Allah Al-Qayyum the Eternal One, who has the power to make a thing afloat. It is He Al Jami who unites that which is apart. We pray with this Beautiful Names that He brings back the souls on board MH370 to their loved ones so they reunite. Should He decide to Him is their return, we pray so that they are forgiven and be welcomed with His most gentle pardon.

In times of calamity, we return all things to Him, we say Inna lillah wa inna ilai hi rajiun.

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