Monday, May 12, 2014

What to repeat 70 times | What better to love


This, surely you already knew, is a recommended practice, especially for this month of Rajab. But of course you are not as forgetful and weak as I am. So it's here as a reminder for this ignorant faqir

Our much respected Habib Ali Zainal Abidin al-Hamid reminds us to recite this 70 times a day after Subuh & Isha'.

Because I suffer from good-deed deficiency, it's a pleasure to search for the prettiest picture I have in file. It's captured by a friend in Istanbul by the way. I cherish every step of the process of preparing a posting that hopefully will stay around longer than me. 

It makes us think of a saying of one learned. Indeed, the best lover is the one that follows you inside the grave and keep you company, not the one who cries for a while and then leave. And the next day get on with his/her life, go to Tesco or Starbucks whatever. Then he/she might find another lover to keep him/her company and they might go to Turkey for honeymoon, who knows?! Then he/she will start slacking in sending prayers for you. And you're left alone underground having to face reality. Then you will realize who is a better lover. And what better to love.

What better to love?
Good deeds. 

What better to do? 
Good deeds.

May Allah grant us the tawfiq to do it and accept it even if it be a little flawed.

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  1. Allahuma ammen..
    good sharing, keep it up so that they can accompany us in the grave later...

    Salam Ukhwah ya ukhti :)