Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tashu'a Day | TGIA


Today is the 9th of Muharram. It's Tashu'a Day, peeps!

I almost missed it. Thanks to one sister who reminded me of this auspicious time. I am aging and sometimes forget what day is today, let alone Islamic dates. I bumped into this friend of mine at the International Islamic Book Expo yesterday. Sister L is an active community member of the famous Al-Jenderami Foundation which is well known for organizing big Islamic events. It's been ages since I last attended their popular majalis. So when I bumped into her at the book expo, I took the opportunity to inquire on upcoming events. She said: "Yes, next one is on Monday, 10th of Muharram!"

Gosh, I almost forgot! So if Monday is 'Ashura Day, that makes today, Sunday, Tashu'a Day. Yaay!

Actually I must thank Sister L's little daughter who recognized me amongst the busy crowd at the book expo and took me to her mother. Otherwise, I would have missed out on these two sacred days of Tashu'a and 'Ashura. Sorry folks, for being long winded, but we must give credit where it's due. And we must be specific in acknowledging Allah's bounties. Alhamdulillah.

I was, a couple of days ago, wondering when was Halloween as I noticed some people gearing up on the occasion. But of course it does not matter.

Tomorrow, we Muslims should say TGIA - Thank God It's 'Ashura day!

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