Wednesday, March 9, 2016

eKLipse | Eclipse in KL | Thai-ness


KL at about 8.08 a.m. during partial solar eclipse on 9 March 2016 

We take for granted that the sun will rise in the east as always. But on some days the sun shines a bit abnormally when the moon covers it either partially or completely.

For someone who lives in my own deserted world, I almost missed this rare phenomena.

That's life. C'est la vie. Everything out there happens as decreed by the Lord, regardless. If it's destined to happen, it will happen anyway, whether you are aware or unaware of it. Whether you like it or you don't like it. Whether you are prepared or unprepared.

But as mere mortals we would usually want to have some control of what is to come. 

If I knew things would all be well at sea when I wanted to go island hopping in Krabi, I would take it easy and would have been more relaxed. But nay, I had to ask so many questions to the boat agent who was an innocent-looking young Thai Muslim lady. The funny part was when she had to convince me that the boatman is a Muslim and that "Muslims are kind hearted people."  LOL. Yeah how else could I be convinced that the boatman would ferry us [all ladies] safely to the intended islands? It was a rushed transaction, booking a trip at the last minute and paying in full upfront.

To my surprise the following day, our ride arrived at the hotel as promised and our boatman was there waiting for us at the jetty. He took us to the correct islands according to schedule. We returned to the jetty on time and another gentleman was already there waiting to ferry us back to the hotel. Twenty minutes later another ride came by to take us to the Airport! Fuh! All in all, I salute everyone involved in the tourism business in Krabi. Yet another good experience in Thailand proving Thai-ness is hard to beat, that the Thais hospitality is always dependable and pleasurable. I am speaking as someone who has been to different parts of Thailand, at least ten times. But my recent trip to Krabi was extra special because it is probably the only tourist spot in Thailand that is dominated by Muslims. 

Mat the boatman in Krabi.
My gregarious mother managed to engage with him
despite the language barrier.
Mat is married with one kid.
I should have worn my snapback and posed with Mat. LOL. 

Until the next trip.
 Tokyo Insha Allah.
: )

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