Friday, July 21, 2017

Goodness of the faith


We have to be mindful of what we are sensitive about.

Do we care about a band (group of people) that's engulfed with negative stuffs? Yes? No? Do we care about people being denied entry to places of worship, regardless of their religion? Especially if it affects our friends surrounding Al-Aqsa Mosque. Guys, we have to be mindful of our "sensitive buttons".

Today, a week ago, the Holy Mosque Al-Aqsa was closed for a couple of days. Friday prayers inside the mosque was banned. Today, we see this heart-moving photo of our brothers in faith performing Friday prayers outside the mosque, as a sign of protest.

Friday prayers on Salahudeen Street, Jerusalem.
Righteous men standing firm on their faith.
They rise in peace before getting attacked.
[Pic/News credit: Nasser Atta @nasseratta5]

Gathered for the right reason but got dispersed wrongfully.
These young men only care about their faith, dignity, and survival.
I doubt they care about rock bands or rock concerts
or some suicidal people.
They have been fighting for their life. And they shall keep fighting for it, you can be sure.
[Pic credit: Dylan Collins @collinsdyl]

Certainly, we ought to clap for people who stand on the goodness of faith, people who voice up their rights, people who defend their religion and dignity. 

I hope our young visitors to this space, will be rightly guided, stand up for meaningful things and cheer on the right stuff.

I think you can read between the lines. You know what I mean.

May Allah grant protection and guidance to all of us.

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