Saturday, July 15, 2017

Improve | Prove


Have a happy and fruitful weekend folks. Let's be productive. Let's go for kaizen - continuous improvement. Yes even in arguments. Better to prove oneself with a smarter argument than shout like mad. After all, it is rain that grows flowers and not thunder. So, improve!

This weekend, I wanna improve the cleanliness and tidiness of my crib (yeah..spring cleaning time). Cleanliness is part of faith (iman). The language of faith need not be bombastic.

Simple, easy to understand words/messages/lessons are sufficient. Oftentimes we overlook the small things that carry a bigger score. Prove, not to people, but to yourself, that you are as smart as you have always been. Go for the easy score. LOL 

Still, I wanna give a "shout"-out to my SGGS schoolmates for the friendship. Thanks to Su for the party today. Perhaps we should have a gathering with everyone wearing red shorts like the good old days in school! LOL. [Red is the school color]. Georgians are a bunch of smart, sensible, sophisticated girls. Proven!


To my nieces & nephews: Let's go get more cool stuff, caps and hoodies for our camping trip.

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