Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Poetry in times of difficulty composed by Habib Umar bin Hafiz


Big thanks to Muwasala.org for sharing this precious azkar composed by the honorable Habib Umar bin Hafiz when he was in Madinah in the blessed month of Rabiul Awal last year.

"You are my reliance
You are my support
You are my savior from all hardship

I turn my whole being to You
Rush to my aid, O Most Great
Make easy the means for all good
and remove all difficulties

And open for us all doors
with Your support, O Most Generous
And foil the plot of every schemer
and rebellious tyrant
And every envious and stubborn enemy
by the right and secret of
To Sin Mim"

I was humbled there were several blessed souls who requested du'a from me, this weak and ignorant woman who's helpless herself. I am no better than you/them. I doubt there's anything worthy about me to warrant a maqbul from Allah. But I learned there's an angel who sits on our neck and should it find humility in us, it will raise our station. I was and I still am deeply humbled when those beautiful souls reached out to me, for they are pious and good people. May Allah accept my humility and thereby grant maqbul to all our petition, plea, cry and hope.

Aamin Ya Allah Ya Rahman Ya Rahim.
Ya Allah Ya Latif, please be gentle on us all.

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