Sunday, July 16, 2017

Putting down one's "intellectual disability" for good | Ziyad's 17.29


He did it in style. Ziyad Zolkefli a Malaysian '2016 Rio Paralympic' gold medalist, broke the world record again. This time in London, yesterday. This time he hurled a greater distance - 17.29 meter. We are all having a good time this weekend, but clearly, Ziyad is having a blast!

He has been competing in the so called "learning/intellectual disability" category known as F20. Ziyad has put down his disability for good, on the world stage. Yes, the world watched how able and capable people with disabilities (PWD) are. 

Of course, many Malaysians, I suspect have shed tears of joy at the news/watching Ziyad's victory video. I was proud of him of course when I first heard the news through our Prime Minister's Twitter. But when I read Ziyad's own Tweet a few hours before the shot put finals - I cried. I have never had a "high" motivated inspiring moment as I did when I saw Ziyad's tweet.

"A few hours to go before the show.
Focus - done.
Mental - done.
Winning mentality - done.

If you were to put me - someone with "intellectual ability" on the world stage, I would chicken out. I wouldn't be able to calm my nerves. I wouldn't be able to focus. Shame on me.

Those of you who have the tendency to look down on PWDs, please stop putting them down, yeah not even in your good IQ mind.

Ziyad Zolkefli broke the World Record, his own record set in Rio Paralympics 2016
and won gold for the second time at the World Para Athletics Championship London, yesterday.
The first time was in 2013 in Lyon, France.
 [PWDs are globe trotting proving their abilities. Proving they have got great faith in themselves.]
Pic credit: The Star Online 

1300 athletes from 100 countries are competing for 202 medals
at the World Para Athletics Championship in London
14 May -  23 July 2017
[The Gold medal looks stunning! Ziyad has earned it.]

May this story inspire you as it has inspired me. We all have some kind of disabilities. Let's put it down for good. 

Malaysia boleh!

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