Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The 200th day of 2017 | Surrender


Ma sha Allah. It is the 200th day of the year. Two hundred days have passed, did you realize?

We often hear people i.e a new management of an organization or political leaders giving a report on the first 100 days of them being in office or position. Rarely do we hear about reports on the "first 200 days" I think it's simply because it's a bit too long as a measurement stick.

It's a norm for Muslims in Malaysia to mark the 40th and 100th day of a person's demise, by hosting a gathering of some sort. I think (though insensitive it might sound) people don't usually count anymore after the 100th day, until maybe after one year has passed.

I am nervous thinking how the 200 pages of my "TwentySeventeen" book look like. There must be plenty of "red-inked scores" in there somewhere. May Allah forgive me. May Allah grant pardon to you too.

Perhaps we should do 200 salawat today and surrender our affairs for the rest of the 165 days of the year to Allah, bi-iznillah. 

Wa ufawwidu amri ilaAllah
Innallaha basirun bil ibad

I surrender my affair to Allah
Allah is well aware of His servants.
- Quran 40:44

Something new for me to memorize.

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