Monday, July 24, 2017

Vibes that stay | Foot path


Yeah...yeah I know it's summer, but I couldn't help reminisce my alma mater - the Stirling Uni when I chanced upon a tweet.

I feel the picture. Those vibes stay with me until today.
The lake at the uni is especially stunning during winter.
I remember the countless walk, by the loch (lake).

Some vibes are meant to have a lasting impact on us, they stay.

Pathfoot is the name of the building where my courses were held.
It's like teasing you: you sure won't forget the footpath here!
The path you choose to travel, thus bag memorable vibes that would remain etched forever.

This posting is a dedication to one of my nieces who had been on Dean's list for two semesters and listed as top-scorer for the other four semesters. She has got another two semesters to go. May she stay focused and more importantly, enjoy the path to more success. Bi iznillah.

Dear S, please consider furthering your studies in the UK, so your cool aunt could join in the fun : )
In Sha Allah.

Some people are saying if you study on 24/7 (the 24th of July/today) even if it's for 20 minutes you will have studied 24/7. Yeah...yeah...
: D

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