Saturday, February 24, 2018

My country Malaysia


It's a day to reflect and rationalize, for me, after a 7-day hectic trip abroad, 3-day work week, 11-day break in my lovely hometown Penang and then back to work at the office for two days and then came this meaningful, brilliant, historical Friday when we had Malaysia's Prime Minister in da houze y'all - quite literally - at the Axiata Arena in KL, Malaysia.

I have always been a patriotic person and never apologetic about it unlike some people who think being patriotic means you are being less-religious LOL. I was glad when I heard at least two genuine shuyukh saying "loving one's country is part of faith". Of course, it is part of faith because being patriotic means being grateful for Allah's blessings for you that you have a place to call home - a peaceful, a relatively rich, and a beautiful country named Malaysia. Of course, I am grateful for my Negaraku (my country) for it gives me a good life, I don't have to migrate elsewhere just to have a good life. The country gives me wealth by virtue of working with a good homegrown corporation. I agreed with the Prime Minister on a lot of things he said at the event held on 23rd Feb 2018 at Axiata Arena especially this one: that "when you create a company like Axiata, you create wealth and you create talents." 

The atmosphere at the event was amazing. The photos below are my own personal favorites. They were taken in the morning during rehearsal, hence the empty seats. I wondered what was going through the mind and heart of the President of Axiata (the gentlemen standing alone on stage) as the song Hebat Negaraku was playing. He has been championing the company for 10 years and yesterday the Prime Minister acknowledged Axiata as "a truly regional champion with Malaysia at heart."

He, the President of Axiata has quite a brain, needless to say. Last night I was reading the news report of Axiata's stellar performance. To be frank, I could not "brain" his brain. LOL! I was thinking to myself, all the financial jargons he quoted and the complex-sounding biz strategies he undertook - I thought OMG all this I will learn and will have to master in my soon-to-commence MBA course. LOL.

But of course, Allah teaches us what we need to know as He prepares us for roles He has decided for us. Our job as He instructs us from day one is Iqra - read!
Prime Minister Mohd Najib Razak mentioned at the event, a philosophy he introduced several years back, it sounded so brilliant in Malay - "Akal global, akar lokal." which means one has to think globally while being grounded to one's root. 

I know my nieces and nephews will be reading this posting (sooner or later), thus I hope they will understand and appreciate the importance of education, of nurturing one's talent continuously even after school/college, at the workplace, anywhere and everywhere at every opportunity. The opportunity need not be big, it's as easy as reading up a short piece of useful information, it's as easy as being quiet for a moment to think and reflect. And imagine. And dream.   

Negaraku, tanah tumpahnya darahku.

I am a grateful and a proud Malaysian,
I take my seat in this country gladly!
Hebat Malaysia!


Yesterday was the second time in decades that I got to sing the national anthem Negaraku. I must say it felt different - in a very good way. The first occassion was about a month ago. It felt special to have stood up and sang the anthem in the presence of a very bright, tall, dark and handsome Malaysia's Sports Minister who spoke at the event without a script. He spoke intelligently befitting his impressive education background. While we stood up and sang, the screen showed visuals of our King - Sultan Muhammad V. I had goosebumps then looking at the King's regal image and knowing how pious and humble a man he is. I had the same feeling at the Axiata Arena yesterday. It's very clear to me that this country is very blessed indeed! Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.

Hebat, hebat, hebat, hebat Negaraku!

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