Sunday, July 4, 2010

All He wants is goodness


O Allah, blessings be to Rasulullah s.a.w, for the sake of whose honor; he who is by Your side, may You make it easy for us to abide by Your rules. Alhamdulillah from pre-eternal to eternal. 

O Allah increase for us Your bounties so we may be happy in this world and in the hereafter. Peace be to the one who is responsible for this earth; we seek the Light of the Lord so we may see and comprehend.

Assalamulaikum to all present.
Say A'uzubillahiminashaitanirajim. Bismilahirahmanirahim.
May we be granted the strengths to be a good servant of Allah. We wish to overcome the Satan who deny the fact that this universe has a Creator. Even a deer will not agree with that. There are people who think they are on a high rank so much so that they deny the existence of Allah when even ants understood the reality of being a creation. Apart from the ants, there are countless other creations of Allah who acknowledge their Creator. None admits of being self-created. Not even the atoms. None said, "I exist on my own accord, with my own strength. I am capable of doing that." Why do you not acknowledge the existence of the Lord, the Creator? You thought it all exists naturally.

Assalamualaikum to all present.
Try to understand the realities of Allah's creations. SubhanAllah, to Him belongs all glories. Humans were the first of creations given the opportunity to declare themselves as servants to the Lord of the Universe. Teach the young children good manners as such. Teachers should guide their students by saying: "O servants of Allah, say Bismilahirahmanirahim." That's what we have taught our children. But nowadays people do not reflect upon the realities of life anymore. They are teaching people to go on a search for worldly possessions and wordly gains. That is the zikr for people in this age. Everyone is concerned about it. They are not glorifying Allah, they glorify earthly goods instead.

People seem to have lost their spirits. When someone loses his spirit, he gets demoted to the level of animals. Whereas, Allah has given man much honor. It's unfortunate that people disregard such an honor yet they look for honors from fake titles thinking that the titles signify veneration. You must reserve the highest of glorifications for Allah. When people become forgetful of Allah, they will spiral into unending misfortune. They are now trying to resolve their crisis but they do not understand that their efforts might prove to be futile. On the contrary, they are getting nearer to the flames when they should be running away from it.

Unfortunately, there aren't many people who care to give advice. Unless, we put things aright, we will not be able to protect ourselves from darkness, calamities and adversities. Allah says that He does not wish difficulties for you. He wants things to be easy for you. So why are you making things difficult for other people and for yourself? You are now faced with so much afflictions, the entire world is in fact undergoing plenty of turmoil. Is that what Allah wants? Certainly not! He wants eveything good for His servants. He does not wish for hardships nor sufferings for His servants. Why then are you burdened?

Allah wants to take you to a maqam (station) that is full of bliss, where happiness is abound. Why are you not telling the parts of Qur'an that teach that. In fact, each verse points you to an abode of joy where anything that you will ever wish for, shall be granted. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w asked us to ease things for mankind and not to burden them and to give them good tidings so that we will be treated likewise. But why are people still in misery, as though they are living in Hell fire? The answer to that is because people are no longer living on the Straight Path. We shall leave people to their deeds, we are not going to play judge. Let Allah be the judge.

The Creator wants only good for you. Why do you not tell this to your leaders or king? Why are you killing one another? You must be responsible for your own actions. Yet you busy yourselves with mala ya'ni (idle talk). The Muslims have gone astray. 'You busy yourselves with things that do not concern you,' say the Prophet. Allah will punish His servants accordingly. It's not for you to judge and punish people. Your duty is to call people to goodness and avoid evil, not to be judging them. Therefore, treat people with kindness. Be polite among yourselves. Don't be harsh to people. Don't burn, kill or cause destructions.
Why aren't the ulama teaching such things? Why aren't they spreading the teachings of the Lord? Why aren't they promoting good deeds? They will be held responsible for it. I am a weak servant. Everyday, I am being asked to show kindness towards people and to not be stingy. But people hate one another, kill, burn and destroy one another. Still they dare claimed to be Muslims?
O Salafi ulama, you are in a position to spread the truth about Islam, to teach what's beneficial in this world and in the hereafter. You must tell people which actions are pleasing to Allah. If Allah is not pleased with you, who else can give you happiness in this world or in the hereafter? O people, leave all that is ugly!

May Allah grant us His mercy. Astaghfirullah. Fatihah. O our Lord, forgive us; grant us a good leader who could guide Your servants to the right path; for the sake of he who is most honored by You, Sayyidina Muhammad s.a.w.

- Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani
Translated from transcript prepared by Brother Abd Sattar Khan 
This sohbet was broadcasted on Sufilive early this week. Can't remember the exact date. May I be forgiven for any errors in translation. Pic credit: Haqqani Fellowship.

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