Friday, July 23, 2010

What kind of woman are you?


It is ladies' night tonight at KL Ba'alawi. Ustazah Alina Al-Munawwar and Ustazah Fatimah from Semarang Indonesia gave tausiyah in between Maghrib and Isha'. Ustazah Alina had the privilege to study religion in Yemen for four years. One look at them you know they are very pious. Judging from their attire, demeanor and countenance, one would quickly conclude that they represent the true Muslim women - muslimah solehah. I must say that very few women belong with them. I don't.

One of the things she said which brought tears to my eyes was: "what sort of a child do you think you would have if you are the way you are? And your husband is the way he is?" 

She posed that question after talking about the great women behind great men such as Imam Shafie and Ummu Harithah. Great parents produce great children, because fruits will not fall too far from the tree. So she said: 'If you want your child to love Allah and Rasulullah s.a.w. You must be the first to love Allah and Rasulullah s.a.w. If you want your child to be close to Al-Qur'an you must first be close to Al-Qur'an yourself.

Women these days like to ask for equal rights with men. But that is irrelevant because we are already blessed with an esteemed status. Men would need women to get to heaven but a woman need no man. A group of women asked the Prophet if he was a messenger meant only for men. He said in his most famous quote: 'I am a mercy to all mankind.' 'Why then', the women retorted, 'do men get to go to Friday prayers?' The Prophet said: 'Allah gives you the ability to get pregnant, to feed your child and to be a teacher to them. Men cannot do all that. Know that each of your sweat equals jihad.'

Women are pillars of a country. If the women of a country are good, the country will prosper. And we all know that behind a great man, is a great woman. Prophet Muhammad is the greatest man of all time. Just look at the women behind him - Sayyidatina Khatijah, Sayyidatina Aishah, Sayyidatina Fatimah az-Zahra.

When Fatimah az-Zahra walks across the siratul mustaqim, Allah will command all men to lower their gaze. That is how honorable she is. Behind her will be stars. Who are they? They are muslimah solehah - all the pious Muslim women."

Hmm...that makes me think hard.
What kind of woman am I?

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