Sunday, September 12, 2010

Good du'a for us


O son, I think you would agree with me that the simplest yet the best and the most important gesture a believer could ever do is hold up her/his hands to make du'a. Better still if the du'a was recited by habaib or venerable shuyukh. It is the richest nourishment a soul could get. Life would be meaningless without this simple act that distinguishes a believer from non-believers.

One habit I learned from one pious man is to place the palms touching each other on its side when making du'a. So that the two major lines on the palms would form a single line that looks like the letter ba. And for it to actually symbolize ba you should hold your hands near your chest just above the heart. If they were lower than the heart, it would look like a letter nun as the heart represents a dot below/above ba and nun. I hope you understand what I am saying as it is difficult to explain this without using a diagram.

Ba is a significant letter as it is said to contain the secrets of basmalah. Al-Fatihah is concentrated (for lack of a better word) in basmalah while the Qur'an in its entirety is condensed in Al-Fatihah. Ba is the key to your du'a (so to speak) when you hold up you hands as described.

I was inspired to share this when I received a very beautifully crafted Eid greeting from one sufi shaykh of Iran. I thought it's very meaningful and that I should extend the du'a the shaykh made for me to all of you. It's a good du'a for us, bi-iznillah. It goes like this:

"BismilLah al-Rahman al-Raheem
Salamun 'Alaikum
I pray that this email finds your esteemed noble-self in the best of healths and spirits. I wish to hereby express my humble Eid greetings to you and your noble family. May the Almighty place you among the 'Aa'ideen (those that return to His Proximity). May He also accept all your noble devotions and enable you meet so many other such months so that you are able to soar higher and higher and behold exalted realms of reality. On this Yawm al-Jawa'iz (Day of Divine Gifts) we humbly pray that Allah bestow you with all your physical and spiritual needs - Aameen. Keep us in your du'as and may the Almighty prolong your life and fill it with His Blessings. Salams and Du'as"

Ameen Allahumma ameen.

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