Saturday, September 18, 2010

In my annihilation, I found You


Credit: Haqqani Fellowship

"I saw the Lord with the eye of my heart
I said no doubt, It's You! It's You!
You are the one who encompassed every 'where'
So that is no 'where' except You are there
'Where' has no 'where' in regards to You
for 'where' to know where You are

Nor can imagination, imagine You
for imagination to know where You are
Your knowledge encompasses everything
So that everything I see is You
And in my annihilation
is the annihilation of my annihilation
And in my annihilation
I found you!"

May with the barakah of our gurus who are al-kaamil (perfect) and al-mukammil (one who can perfect others) we are able to reach the state of annihilation.

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