Friday, October 1, 2010

Learning and loving


O brothers and sisters,
Wishing all of you Jumaah Mubarrak. Please kindly mention me in your du'a. I have been suffering from writer's block so I do not know what to write or share.
Wama tawfiqi illa billah.
"There is no help except from Allah."
I found this du'a on Haqqani Fellowship. Alhamdulillah, at least I got to learn something new today.

There is no help except from Allah.

Well I should say a hundred times more Alhamdulillah if I care to count my blessings from yesterday alone. Met a dear friend, a Naqshbandi sister who came to majlis zikir all the way from Madras, India. MashaAllah, she lives a blissful life. Married at 18 to one good spiritual man, they are blessed with two beautiful children. Her daughter, 11, is as pretty as Freida Pinto! Oh I wished I had a son like hers. He is 10, named Kashif, meaning 'discoverer'. MashaAllah! She gave me a pretty scarf, so Alhamdulillah again. Life is indeed beautiful with all the beautiful people around us.

Life, I think, is about learning and loving. And loving means appreciating one another and showing it with words and actions. And du'a.

So, my du'a goes to all of you readers who are generous enough to spend your precious time reading my musings. May Allah keep your heart beautiful. May He teach you something new each day. May you be surrounded with plenty of love, always and forever.

Pic Credit: Suleiman Salaam


  1. Salaams Ezza

    Jumuah Mubarak to you too.

    By visiting your blog i've benifitted/learnt something new each time (and thats everyday), which i try to put into practise. May Allah reward you abundantly in the dunya and the aakhirah.

    Our countries might be far but its through the power of dua that we can all support one another.

    May Allah grant you tranquility in heart and mind.

    Cape Town follower

  2. Salam Cape Town follower,

    Know that I am weak and I am drawing strengths from all the kind visitors like you. Thank you very much for your du'a. May Allah make me benefit from all the good words that I have been receiving from everyone here.
    I am humbled that Allah has covered up my shortcomings and make people think well of me.

    Know that I am holding back my tears as I write this for I fear that Allah would take away His gifts of repentance from me.

    Please brother, keep me in your du'a always.
    May Allah bless your kind heart, you and your loved ones and all respected Lisan al-Din followers.