Sunday, February 27, 2011

The himma of the man in the mirror


We found these comforting words in 'The Meaning of Man' by Sidi Ali al-Jamal of Fez, a book which we have not explored for a very long time.

"Know that whenever you prepare for something, the thing prepares for you, be it outward or inward. You do not seek anything but that it seeks you. You do not reject anything, but that it rejects you. You do not turn to anything, but that it turns to you. You do not love anything, but that it loves you. You do not hate anything but that it hates you. The result is that existence is like the mirror. Whatever you confront it with, it confronts you with it. Wherever you drive yourself, you find it. He said, may He be exalted:
He will give you, all you ask Him.
He said, may Allah grant him peace:
"Allah provides for the slave according to his himma."

So, if you want something from Him, ask, ask, ask, and make space to receive; be a receptacle and be ready for it. Bi-iznillah.

May Allah grant us a high himma so He would give us plenty.

Credit: Diwan Press 

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