Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Shaykh Salah Al-Budair - Madinatun fragrance comes to KL

Shaykh Salah Al Budair
Present Imam and Khatib of Masjid An-Nabawi
& Judge of High Court

Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah, we're indeed grateful to be in his majlis organized by the IAIS Malaysia on 24th April 2013.

Think of the first imam of Masjid An-Nabawi, subhanallah, the Prophet salallah alaihi wasalam and here we have one of the successors. Indeed, the fragrance of Madinah lingers on from the supreme scent left by Rasulullah salallah alaihi wasalam.

The eminent shaykh spoke on the 'Place and Role of Maqasid Shariah with the Global Ummah'. A major part of his speech was about a letter sent by King George II to the emir of the Andalus Caliphate during the 4th century of Islam.

The key points of which were: the respect and recognition King George had for the Andalus Caliphate and the fruits of a healthy international relations that took place during the time.

Hope to share more about his speech later InshaAllah.
I know I owe you plenty. 

But I leave you with another key message from Shaykh Salah Al Budair during the Q&A session. He said: "I record my respect for the Malaysian women!"

So there, I regard it as a weighty du'a coming from the holy land of Madinah where our beloved Prophet resides, one whom we know had elevated the dignity of women during the early days of Islam, one who stood up upon seeing a group of women approaching, one who loved Ummul Mukminin Saidatina Khatijah (radhiallahu anha) so dearly hence making it an everlasting primary model for a relationship and partnership between a man and a woman.

May Allah make us heed lessons from the righteous.

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  1. MashaAllah sister thank you for attending all these ilm majlis and recording it in your blog. Readers who were unable to attend gets to share the knowledge and baraqah. May Allah bless you and reward you for your efforts.