Sunday, May 5, 2013

Libra Sun | Voted


It's Sunday but no ordinary Sunday as it is the 5th of May 2013. Malaysians are busy voting as we speak. I am apolitical. Never keen to talk politics. But still, the first time I cast a vote, I was 22, when many of my friends were more concerned about going out dating rather than voting...heh heh.

It's a happy day. There have been so many happy days since realizing I was "taken". People must always excuse people who are in love, that's every citizen's right!

"No Libra sun
No Halloween
No giving thanks to all the Christmas joy you bring
But what it is, though old so new
To fill your heart like no three words could ever do
I just called to say I love you..."

And I just voted to say how much I care, I do! 

Last Friday, at the monthly mawlid hosted by Darul Murtadza at Masjid Muadz bin Jabal, Habib Ali Al-Hamid made a special du'a for a safe and smooth election, that Allah would continue to bless this country with peace, prosperity and improved relations amongst Muslims and non-Muslims.

Today I found myself joyfully singing along to that beautiful song 'Terima kasih Malaysia' [Thank you Malaysia]:
Terima kasih ku ucapkan pada Mu 
atas nikmat yang diberi padaku
Terima kasih ku ucapkan pada Mu
kerna aman sentosa selalu

Blue ink proved that I've exercised my rights.
It's the first time we are using ink.

I am a Libran, you might have guessed : )
Take a listen 'Terima kasih Malaysia':