Sunday, December 1, 2013

November Rain


Despite the knocks here and there in November, I just loved it. And kinda missed it - "November rain". This piece is written on 26th Nov but will appear on 1st Dec. you care.

But hey, it's important to me as I push for postings, move forward to December and kiss the November rain goodbye :)

In case you're wondering how on earth I managed to create all these posters, they're created on iPad using a cool app called Haiku Deck. Check it out, and set your story free. They now have Web App Beta which means people will soon be able to use it on the computer. [Suddenly I feel so clever, LOL.]

Pray December will be a better month. Pray we'll be a better person in December. Pray I'll be a better Muslim in December, InshaAllah. Better me, not bitter me.

Happy Sunday y'all :)

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