Sunday, December 15, 2013

Time after time | Timeless lesson from Rumi


How many times have we let TIME cuts us like a knife does? Wounded we all must be. 

As it is, I am already 2 days behind time. This is written on 17 Dec 2013 but will be backdated to 15 Dec. We have got about 2 weeks before we fold 2013 for good. How has it been for you? A year that we will soon look back and say: the year that was. 

It's very easy to get drowned in the daily drama and get caught in confusion like one popular song in the '80s by Cyndi Lauper - "Caught up in circles of confusion, is nothing new; flashback, warm nights, almost left behind, suitcases of memories, time after time..."
Don't you agree?

If we were to pack the suitcases of memories for 2013, how will it look like? One piece labeled: sad. Another - happy; and the next one let's call it madness LOL and the list goes on and chances are we will exceed the baggage limit.   

Am reminded of a posting made in July 2009. Oh, the year that was. That was 4 years ago. Alhamdulillah for the time since. It's a posting about Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi who passed away today 17 December, in year 1273. That's 740 years ago and what he said is still true and relevant mashaAllah:

"If you're lugging a heavy bag, don't fail to look inside it, to see whether what is inside is bitter or sweet. If it's really worth bringing along, bring it; otherwise, empty your sack and redeem yourself from fruitless effort and disgrace. Only put into your sack that which is worth bringing to a righteous sovereign." [Mathnawi IV, 1574 -1577]

Let's ponder.
And be grateful for the blessings of TIME. That we are present here and now.

We have looked back to the year that will soon pass - 2013. We looked back to 4 years ago to 2009. We cannot be sure if we will be given another 4 years, whether we will have the privilege to look back 4 years to where we are now at the present moment. Allahu Akbar. He is TIME.

May Allah pardon our shortcomings, for being ghaflah [heedless] and not using our time wisely.

17 Dec 2013

A year from now, we'll wish we'd started doing something good today

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