Saturday, November 21, 2015

Blogger over the moon


Never mind that there's something technically wrong about the above poster. Blogger is not under, but OVER the moon : )

I shared yesterday's blog post with a shaykh whom I admire. I had recently sat in his class and I have been communicating with him ever since but I never bothered to mention to him anything about this blog, until yesterday. All because of SFCVC -- the Sunnah Food Campaign - Video Competition.

Guess what he said?
"Is that your blog? MashaAllah. I have enjoyed reading it in the past and found it very witty. MashaAllah there is a lot of good stuff on that blog..."

Apparently, the shaykh remembered reading one posting I wrote about one Egyptian scholar. I sure hope he never stumbled on any of the merepek nonsense posting. LOL.

I also shared yesterday's blog post with a lady whom I interviewed for one of the videos for Al Falah TV. I never mentioned to her about this blog despite the fact that we've become quite close on mutual interests concerning majlis taálim. But because I needed to create awareness on SFCVC -- the Sunnah Food Campaign - Video Competition, so I shared a link to this blog.

Guess what she said?
"Ya Rabb, I first read the blog in 2011 while in Brisbane. Never thought that I would meet the real blogger!"

Her reply and that from the shaykh came in like one after another, within 5 minutes. OMG. What's the probability of meeting two blog readers by chance like that? OMG I'm over the moon.


When I was going for LASIK treatment, someone opined that I should tell the doctor about Lisan al-Din. I said: "Nahhh it's not me. I never introduce myself as a blogger. There are millions of bloggers out there. It's common for anyone to have a blog." But now two years on since the LASIK surgery, I secretly wish the doctor knows that this blog is doing quite well promoting her craft : )

One management guru says: quality is when you do your best even when no one is watching.

I say, the joy of writing lies in knowing that no one is watching me write as I write. LOL.

I know it sounds silly like a paradox but it's true.

I humbly take this opportunity to say thank you for all your positive feedback regarding this insignificant space we both share, albeit virtual, it's pretty intimate, eh?
Ever yours,

Alhamdulillahillazi hamdan yuwafi 
ni'amahu wayukafi u mazidah

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