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Sacred Paths | Sacred Path Retreat in Malaysia by Cordoba Academy | Sacred Path of Love Event in Singapore by Sout Ilaahi Group


Alhamdulillah. I heard one muáleem quoting a saying by a renowned scholar that the time we live in is special because there are plenty of majlis taálim and these majalis literally come to us. 

Indeed, he is right. It wasn't like this 10 years ago. There are so many majlis taálim being organized nowadays and they are easily accessible through the internet and all kinds of social media platform. For this, we all ought to be thankful and grateful so that Allah will grant us more and keep us steadfast on the sacred path.


The holiday season is fast approaching. Let's plan for it wisely and quickly. Check out on these two great events coming your way in the last week of December - highly recommended events before we end the year.

1. Sacred Path Retreat Malaysia by the Cordoba Academy

Date: 25 Dec 2015 (Friday) to 2 Jan 2016 (Saturday)

It is a 9-day retreat where participants get to learn from four distinguish muáleem:

  • Shaykh Mohammed Daniel (UK)
  • Shaykh al-Sharif Hasan al-Kettani (Morocco)
  • Ustaza Um Ibrahim al-Dimshiqiyah (Syria)
  • Shaykh Hasan Mohammed al-Sanani (Yemen)  

This is the second retreat organized in Malaysia by the Cordoba Academy, led by its founder and principal, Shaykh Mohammed Daniel. The Cordoba Academy has taught over 6,000 students worldwide. In addition to studying various kitab from the above mentioned scholars, participants will also get to visit selected local scholars and mosques in Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Perak and Kedah, including the beautiful island of Langkawi. Insya Allah.

The fee for foreigners is US$1249/RM3999 and the fee for Malaysians (excluding transport and accommodation) is RM999. If you are keen to attend and need to have more details on the program, please click on the following links:

2. The Sacred Path of Love 2015 in Singapore by the Sout Ilaahi Group

Date: 26 Dec 2015 (Saturday) & 27 Dec 2015 (Sunday)

This is the 6th annual Sacred Path of Love (SPOL) event organized by the Sout Ilaahi Group headed by Brother Khalid Ajmain.

It has become THE event to go in Singapore during the year end holiday break, not just for Singaporeans but many SPOL followers from the region.

The SPOL is known for exciting and catchy topic every time. This year it will be about 'The Beauty of Imperfection'. Three scholars, namely Shaykh Abdul Aziz Fredericks, Dr Omar and Ustaz Amin will shed light on five sub-topics as per details in below poster. More info on SPOL 2015 is available at:


May Allah guide us to good gatherings such as these two so that we could learn from the pious and learned and be in a good company. My brother sent me a snippet of a verse from Surah Al-Kahfi this morning which is a relevant advice to us all about people whom we should not overlook and people whom we should not obey. 

We certainly should not overlook these good people, people who organize beneficial events and esteemed people who devote their lives to learning and sharing useful knowledge to guide us to the straight path. Clearly, they are people who call their Lord in the morning and evening, seeking His pleasure. We should not overlook them in favor of seeking the splendor of the worldly life. And we should not obey those who are heedless, who follow their desires.

It's year end, it's the holiday season, so instead of going for a heedless vacation, feeding our senses with heedless entertainment and hanging out with heedless people, it would be better to opt for the two events mentioned above. Insha Allah.

"Keep yourself content with those who call their Lord morning and evening, seeking His pleasure, and let not your eyes overlook them, seeking the splendor of the worldly life. And do not obey the one whose heart We have made heedless of Our remembrance, and who has followed his desire and whose behavior has exceeded the limits."
Surah Al Kahf: 28
Translation credit: Mufti Muhammad Taqi Uthmani/

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