Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Make the most of everything | Lights of Love


Goooood Morning folks,
My holiday continues...because it's a public holiday in Malaysia today...because our Hindu friends are celebrating the Festival of Lights, so we wish them Deepavali Nal Valthukkal : )

I have already sent out my Diwali greetings to my best buddy in high school, what about you? How many of you have an Indian girl/boy as your good friend in school? Not many I bet.

Because we are all on holiday mood, because I care about some of you who keep coming to this space every morning for a little something, be it an inspiration or a lil bit of cheer, so here's me and mom sending you good vibes and much love! I mean you...genuine loyal friends/visitors/readers. 
[These category of people are forever excluded: 

Here's wishing you my genuine loyal friends/visitors/readers a greaaaat day and keep smiling : )

Lights of love from
Madam M & Miss E
: )

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