Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Creator of Order | Friends for life | Spinach & Potato


Good morning, Ohayou Gozaimasu folks,
our genuine, loyal visitors : )

The picture used in the poster below is courtesy of one of our learned readers. It's taken from her house. Isn't the view breathtaking? The essence of the duá below is also from her, a pious and highly intellectual lady. All I did was put them together and touch up a bit. Pray Allah keeps inspiring us and gives us the ability to develop original contents beautifully. Ameen.

Yesterday a long time friend sent me a poster that reads:
''Who was your best friend when you were 8 years old? Tag them if you're still friends!"

MashaAllah! I have got a bunch of friends in that category. Alhamdulillah.

And you, genuine loyal readers who have become my friends, pray our friendship will last until Jannah. Ameen.

Have a relaxing and pleasant Sunday.
Wish yáll a November full of laughter.
Remember that verse in the Quran, it is He who makes us laugh and cry.

May November be a wonderful month before we approach the closing of 2015.


Ahh before I pen off, here's something to inspire you. Who said you can't poke through a potato using a straw? I did it at a training recently. The trainer said drinking "potato juice" could boost our confidence. So he threw us a challenge - poke a potato using a straw by stabbing into it just once. 

Anyway, the training is about Horenso. It is a Japanese word meaning spinach. We learned about "spinach" for organization/business which can also be applicable in our day-to-day living. We all need energy and the good vitamins derived from spinach, don't we? 

HoRenSo is comprised of three key principles:
- Hokoku (reporting)
- Renraku (info sharing)
- Sodan (consulting)

I hope this blog will continue to be a good platform for Renraku

With the right technique, focus and confidence, you too can do this.

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