Sunday, November 22, 2015

Where beautiful souls meet | A poem for Mir - a saint and poet of Kashmir


This is a small tribute to a very dear friend, her esteemed late grandfather, her beautiful parents, her other half and her lovely children, whom I have not met, but I know in fact, our souls have met since eternity.

To be frank, I was feeling a little disturbed until I heard her soothing voice and was shown this picture of her late grandfather - a much revered man in Kashmir during his lifetime, and I felt like I have known him forever!

Mir Muhammad Subhan
1901 - 1961
The 5th of Safar has just passed
Through many moons that waxed and waned
since you went away
But only today have I come to know your name  
and set my eyes on that frame

Amazing how souls meet and greet
in time and space so unexpectedly sweet

Need I wonder 
why you look familiar?
why the heart quits the clamor? 
peaceful breeze breathes through
just by looking at you

Ahh...I don't want to leave
this magical space in midair
where the mind can never pinpoint
yet, only mutual hearts could feel

it is where 
beautiful souls meet

Aunty Shab - the love and adoration you and your family have for me, could only mean one thing, that it is this faqir who has been sought out because it is she who is in need to be given such love.
May Allah bless all of you there.

Al Fatihah for Mir Muhammad Subhan.

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