Saturday, April 2, 2016

Shaykh Masood Yusuf on The Foundational Principles of Self-Purification (Part 2)


Alhamdulillah we are able to continue with the second part of the lesson on tasawuf (purification of the self) from Imam Nawawi's Kitab Al Maqasid.

Shaykh Masood Yusuf's speech style and explanation is crystal clear, so there's no need to do a transcript.

In this lesson (Part 2), Shaykh is supposed to elucidate the second and third principle of self purification i.e. waraq (inner piety) and istiqamah (persistence). However, he begins the lesson by revisiting the first principle on taqwa. Taqwa according to Shaykh Masood: "is not fear, but cautiousness that leads to hope."

And that we should, at the start of a new day, make a conscious intention to have taqwa.

This act of making a niyyat to have taqwa, to me is something that's unheard of before. Surely and unfortunately, it is a good and important thing that we often take for granted. It is like making a daily positive self-affirmation.  

Stay tune for the third lesson, which will get published in the following week, Insha Allah.

Shaykh Masood is presently travelling to Mecca for umrah. We pray so that Allah will grant him maqbul. Ameen.

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