Sunday, March 19, 2017

Carry on | Only carry a small carry-on of emotions


I admit I am not a light traveler. I just have to over-pack and I am not apologetic about it. I think it's ok to over-pack as long as you stay within the baggage weight limit. Just that you won't have much spare room for new purchases at your destination. LOL.

But when it comes to emotional baggage, this is one piece of good advice from Tim Fargo.

The acceptable size for a carry-on luggage is 9 inch x 14 inch x 22 inch. So let's keep our emotions in check and don't carry too much of emotional baggage.

Whenever you feel like packing a lil bit more to what you may already have been carrying [we are talking emotions here], think again. Try to carry on with life, enjoy life a bit more without adding anymore emotional baggage cos some things are better left buried in the sand. Yes, bury it in the sand and go swim in the sea, that would be more fun : )

In case you need to check further. LOL.

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