Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March on | The heights of prayers


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah. I am humbled and delighted to have marched on to my 20th lesson onto Surah Al A'raf (The Heights).

Excited to have discovered two precious du'a tonight which I must put it here so that I could memorize it and may you benefit from it too. 

Du'a in verse 126 Surah Al A'raf
Rabbanaa af riq alaina sobran 
watawaf fana muslimin

O our Lord, pour out patience upon us
and cause us to die as Muslims (those who submit to You)

Du'a in verse 149 Surah Al A'raf

La illam tarhamna
wa taghfirlana
lanaku nanna minal khosirin

If Allah shows no mercy to us
and does not forgive us,
we shall certainly be among the losers.


So I gather from the du'a, the heights of being a Muslim is dying as a Muslim, as one who submits to Allah's will. And that even though we may seemingly succeed in something (according to our own definition of success) we are in fact a loser if Allah is not merciful towards us and does not forgive us. His mercy and His forgiveness are all that matters.

May Allah pour out patience upon us in being an obedient servant of His, in facing whatever challenges that He has destined for us.


It's interesting to observe that several major Quran translations actually use the phrase "pour out" for patience. And one major Quran translator defines it as "gush on us torrents of patience". When we pour something, when something gush, it sure is plentiful! May Allah be pouring out patience on us continually. Ameen.

The best part about being patient is that He is with the one who is patient. Everything should be easy and pleasant when He is with us! Is it not?


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