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Reviving the Islamic Spirit (RIS) Convention - Malaysia, 4 - 5 March 2017


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.

I have got plenty to share but for now this much I could afford as it's getting late.

As you all know it's the first RIS Convention held in this part of the world. It's in Putrajaya, Malaysia y'all. So proud that the RIS' stage inside the Plenary Hall where the main event was held looked super awesome, it's definitely world-class.

Shaykh Dr Muhammad bin Yahya al-Ninowy on the first day of RIS Convention in Malaysia.
"Ihsan is that you worship Allah as if you are seeing Him.
And if you are not seeing Him, as if He is seeing you."
"Ihsan is that you worship Allah as if you are seeing Him - meaning seeing only Him, not even yourself,
not even your act of worship, not your own himmah. And if you are not seeing Him (meaning if you are veiled from seeing Him due to your awe to wealth, status, fame etc.) at the very least, think that He is seeing you." 
- Shaykh al-Ninowy
Pic credit: RIS Convention
Quotes credit: Dr.N

Imam Zaid Shakir
spoke during the last "Between the Lines" session
at the foyer of Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC).
Earlier in the Plenary Hall, the Imam talked about
"Not just why, but why not? Making religion relevant"

Imam Zaid Shakir informed the hostess he'd yet to pray Asar,
so the talk came to an end for the Imam to do his solah
right there on the stage! He showed us it's ok to admit we are late for prayers so that people would let us get on with God. 

Imam Zaid's session ended on a low note. During the Q & A session, a young woman broke down while posing her question to the imam. She asked what she could to help a friend who had attempted suicide just last Sunday. She felt helpless and didn't see it coming as the friend was a hijabi who's regular in her daily prayers.

Earlier, on the same stage, Dr Umar Faruq talked about the importance of solving the ummah's issues collectively. Only through our good words and deeds can we help people who are vulnerable. He quoted a Malay saying: "It takes a village to raise a child." We have to talk to the young people and appeal to them in their language. If we don't speak to our children, we got no future!

Dr Umar also emphasized the importance of music/songs in the field of daawah. But only certain kind of songs like hip-hop would appeal to the troubled communities in the inner cities where life is a constant struggle. They could only relate to certain kind of songs/music. They can't relate to Cat Steven's music which many of us find appealing. Troubled communities can't imagine a beautiful world because it's simply beyond their imagination. 

Dr Umar Faruq Abdullah
spoke about real issues taking place in the inner cities of USA.

Two important initiatives I discovered at the bazaar held at the RIS event:
  • The Rabata program where women could learn from qualified woman-scholars. It's headed by sister Anse Tamara Gray. You may want to consider signing up for an online course on the Companions of the Prophet. There's a book that accompanies the lessons on 60 companions. At long last, I found a proper method of learning about the sahabah - Alhamdulillah! Ladies, wait no more, do check out Rabata's activities here: 
  • who produce one convert-story each week. You may wish to make a monthly contribution, for them to help/guide potential reverts. Take a look at the heartwarming conversion stories published by, an organization based in the UK 

On a lighter note, I bought these lovely tea/coffee set at the RIS Bazaar. They are handmade by our Muslim brothers based in Shanghai China Indeed Allah is beautiful, He loves beauty. And He manifests His beauty through exquisite crafts such as these by Taufik.

La ilaha illAllah
The Chinese engravings mean:
"Obey the Messenger of Allah" 

Also by Taufik.
Ah...the joy of gifting. Alhamdulillah.
Hope my "special recipient" will like this piece of beauty.

Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah for a beautiful and fruitful day.

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