Sunday, March 26, 2017

Voice of the heart | The story of His gifts


"The message behind the words is the voice of the heart." - Rumi

We all heard it all too often from good authors/writing coach out there, that when we write, we have to find our own voice. And there, finally, I came across that so apt a saying by the incomparable poet and Sufi - Jalaluddin Rumi. So, the "voice" of a person's writing is in fact, the voice of the heart. It looks too obvious in hindsight. 

However, if the heart is cluttered, the voice that comes out from it won't be as clear as it should be. Thoughts and feelings that are harbored in the heart could corrupt the language that comes out as a person's voice. We speak as who we are and we are what we speak after all.

I was fortunate to have spent some quality time with my mentor today. He told a class of would-be artists, it's good to put down one's emotions/thoughts in writing. "When you become a writer, you become a thinker. And as a writer, you are going deeper into yourself." This mentor of mine, from my experience of attending his public talks, would always remind his audience of the importance of "knowing oneself" and he has never been apologetic about touching a bit on sufi-inclined subjects regardless of the audiences' spiritual/religious background.

***'s getting late, to be honest, I am mentally drained after a long session of brainstorming, but it's a thumbs-up day nonetheless. Hope you have had a pleasant, productive Sunday full of gifts, as I did.

"Day and night you keep eagerly seeking stories, 
while every part of you is telling you the story of His gifts."
- Rumi


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