Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Welcome Rejab | D.O.A


O Allah, bless us in the month of Rejab and Shaaban and let us see the month of Ramadan.

This  du'a is almost like a password to enter the three sacred months. But the shuyukh are saying, it's not just about welcoming, it's about seeking for His forgiveness, and compassion and for Him to accept our repentance. 

Istighfar Rejab
To be recited 70 times after Solat Isha just occurred to me that prayer/supplication or du'a is more commonly spelled as doa in the Malay language.

D-O-A is a common term in my office (most big corporations) as it refers to "delegation of authority". I think that's precisely what we do when we make a du'a, when we supplicate to Allah, we are in fact delegating the matters at hand to the most rightful Authority. But then again, we have got no real authority, to begin with. LOL.

Still, delegate, we shall. We leave it all to Him. It's best to delegate or we might be asking for something which is not in line with His divine plans. We may be foolishly selfish in asking for a specific outcome, but Allah knows better of the big picture and our petition could well be out of the picture as far as His Divine Will is concerned. In admitting our helplessness, He would strengthen us with His might. 

Wama taqwfiqi illah billah.
May Allah grant us the tawfiq to perform sincerely, as much ibadah and amal in this month of Rejab. May He forgive our shortcomings. Ameen.

Remember Him and make du'a


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