Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Who's leading? You [Me]


Gosh...I am just excited about being a woman. LOL.

This woman is traveling and busy. Alhamdulillah but no matter how busy we are, we should never forget to take some time to appreciate all that we have succeeded and endured. Yes, endured!

Wish y'all a good day.
The weekend is here [for me] : )

WaSalamualaikum Warahmatullah.

[Credit: Chalene Johnson Twitter.]

Yes! And the prayers you recite.
And which salawat you say on repeat when you are a Musafir.

My all time faves are Salawat Fateh and Salawat Tafrijiyah.
Which one is yours?
Sallu alan Nabi.

I don't need an iPod when traveling.
Glad I am an "old school" in this regard.

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