Sunday, March 12, 2017

Work for this world, work for the Hereafter and work out


I may sound exaggerating if I say this, but it's true. Or maybe it's just a coincidence. I have become more motivated to work out cos the King of Malaysia said we should embrace a healthy lifestyle and eat a healthy balanced diet. And he showed us by example that we should drink plenty of water anytime. Believe it or not, the King of Malaysia (who is in his 40s and single) paused when giving a speech at the Parliament, opened a bottle of mineral water himself and drank. He muttered calmly "Wait, I want to drink, wait." LOL. I think Malaysians have by now accepted that protocol simply does not exist in our King's vocabulary. LOL. I think there's another reason why Malaysians should be motivated to work out and stay active. Our sports minister is super fit, tall, dark and handsome. LOL.

On a serious note, of course, it's important to stay healthy by doing exercise and eating well so that we could function effectively. I just realized something, that as Muslim, we are either spending time working for dunya, or working for hereafter i.e. performing ibadah which also include using our physical stamina to help others. If we don't work out, we might not be so healthy, we could easily fall sick and be bedridden. When that happens, there's nothing much we could do for ourselves and others. When we are not working for dunya or the hereafter, we should be working out really. But of course, as we work out, we can do plenty of zikir/salawat so it would count as working for the Hereafter too. 

This posting is a reminder to myself and my nieces and nephews who weigh more than me. But it's not just about weight, it's about sweating it out and focusing on health instead of focusing on weight. More often than not, we have to convince the mind. 

Personally, I realized being an early riser and an early bird to the gym/pool is a lot more fun cos you have the gym and the pool all for yourself. You know as many other Muslim women, I yearn for privacy when working out or swimming.

My gym has got a very nice view of KL cityscape with the KLCC Twin Towers and the KL Tower right before the eyes. And as if to remind us that we are taking a step closer to death with each run on the thread mill or each pedal on the cycle, there's a Muslim cemetery before the eyes too! Such is life, each move we make, each day brings us closer to the final and eternal abode. Perhaps we won't have to work out to stay fit and healthy in the Heavens?! Ah...this world is a place for toil and strife.

"This dunya is a place for amal (actions) and striving and working hard in Allah's cause. It is not a place of everlasting happiness. Therefore, dear servant of Allah, detach your heart from this dunya and attach it to Allah Almighty for true eternal success in Jannah."
- Shaykh Sajid Umar

There's a Muslim cemetery somewhere down there

Post work-out on this beautiful Sunday morning
Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah
for good health and for everything good
- good food, good sleep, good clothes, good reading...
there's just too many of Allah's blessings to count.


And here's a video showing the King of Malaysia being himself, perhaps deliberately trying to impress upon his subjects that we should stay hydrated and that nothing should prevent us from drinking lots of water, anytime. LOL.

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