Thursday, March 16, 2017

Al Basir | Best bold action | Pro-LASIK


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah...for one meaningful moment two nights ago while I was reciting the Quran during my 22nd Tajweed lesson, as I marched on to Part 11 of the Holy Book, I thought of Prof Dr Muhaya. Her words, her almost non-stop du'a when she was performing LASIK eye surgery on me three years ago, played back in my mind loud and clear. She said 'Your right eye is for reading the Quran and your left eye is for looking at the Kaabah.'

It's called blended vision, by the way, one eye is corrected for short-sightedness and the other for long-sightedness.

I pray for Allah to bless Prof Dr Muhaya abundantly for I am very grateful for my improved vision ever since I did the LASIK surgery. It's one of the best bold actions I have taken in my life, to be brave and quick in deciding to have the surgery. My honest blog posting on the experience has garnered 10,000 reads. 

I am grateful that I am relieved of the hassles associated with contact-lens. I could swim without worrying about contact-lens-malfunction under water. I could do without the special goggles that come with a "short-sighted lens". I remembered using these goggles when I was too lazy to wear contact-lens when going for a swim.

And, of course, as one who loves wearing sunglasses, having LASIK-ed eyes is an advantage I cherish. Who needs a special custom-made sunglasses for short-sighted? They go out of style pretty fast. No, thanks. 

So, once again, I encourage all of you who needs to correct your vision, to be bold and be quick in taking one action that will prove to be one of the best decisions you'll ever make - bi iznillah (with the permission of Allah).

Opt for LASIK. Go for it. Don't procrastinate.    

The joy of jumping into the pool with a clear vision,
no need special goggles, and forget about the discomfort/risk of swimming with contact lens
She now performs eye surgeries at her very own Prof Muhaya Eye & LASIK Center (PMELC)
no more at Prince Court Medical Center

Posting I made in 2013 on my LASIK experience:  

Praise be to Allah Al Basir who sees to all our needs and fulfills them. Alhamdulillah for His Divine benevolence.

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