Thursday, January 11, 2018

One co | Mind the religion


I think we all belong with one co, one ummah.

I can't divide myself into four so I could belong with this teacher/ustaz/shaykh and that teacher/ustaz/shaykh and another two more. Then commit to a membership fee even though you people say it's not compulsory.

I cannot stand being approached by "deen agents" promoting their respective organizations. I belong to one co, that's all I know. I just want to do the obligatory and double up efforts on the sunnah. I just want to read the Quran and recite the salawat as much as possible. My heaven is under my mother's feet. My time is limited. Her time is limited so please don't try to disrupt my good routine. You belong to a group that might be "best" for you, good for you then. My path may be different than yours. But that does not necessarily mean you have a better chance at making it to the Heaven.

Stop your membership drive. Stop soliciting. Let people practice their religion in peace. If any particular group cannot maintain the overhead for their religious classes, then go have it at the mosque or in the field. Don't burden other people with your ambition and vision. Service to Allah is supposed to be done without selfish motives. 

I don't understand why some supposedly pious people have to solicit money to do the voluntary umrah/hajj for the second/third time. The Prophet pbuh did not go around collecting money for his own "organization" or group, or for his own personal interest. He did it for the poor and needy and for the good of the deen. In doing so, he need not motivate people through any kind of entertainment or seminar. It was straightforward. Islam has become fancy these days because of the flamboyant bunch who exploit the religion as they fancy.  

"Serving selflessly is servitude and it pleases Allah whereas serving for one's own ambition and vision is being heedless." - Shaykh Ninowy

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