Sunday, February 25, 2018

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A couple of nights ago, at home, in Penang, that's my reading material. [See pic below].

Not sure about you, but my alma mater matters to me. The University of Stirling turns 50. It got me thinking what will I be when I am 50? Bi-iznillah, by Allah's will, I should be graduating from the Strathclyde Uni in two year's time insha'Allah. Yup, we ought to learn all the way to the grave. Age is not a limit to self-development. Theoretically speaking, I want the "last decade" of my professional life to be super productive and hence super great. For that to happen I have to update my knowledge and sharpen my skills. This is another example of how Allah's plans always prevail. To be honest, I was planning on something else, yet His plans slowly and gradually emerge, overriding mine. We'll have to embrace the Lord's decree, don't we?

I pray Allah will grant me and you, especially those of you who need a little push to move forward, a strong sterling will and support to achieve all that we need to achieve. That we have himmah (passion) and sabr (perseverance) for success.

I spent the day recuperating while watching all 19 episodes of "Impossible Moments" on the Olympic Channel. Yes! Hard to choose a favorite as they are all heart-warming.
Here's one:

Big thanks to Toyota's brilliant campaign "Start Your Impossible" featuring stories of Olympic and Paralympic athletes whose sacrifices and determination could bring tears to your eyes. More than that, it taught me the value of self-belief in pushing one's limitation and facing one's "impossible". Well, not just face what you fear or may perceive as impossible, it's about starting it, it's about acting on it and overcoming it.   

I have read some very good copywriting materials before but this one by Toyota stirs the spirit.

"During the Olympic Winter Games, beyond rooting for medals, Toyota is aiming for the best example of society, one that strives to uplift spirits, triumph in achievements, and learn from setbacks that open door for improvements, advancement, and potential."

You have to read it, watch the stories and feel it for yourself. I salute Toyota for their remarkable initiative.

"I hope that everyone affiliated with Toyota, will feel inspired by the Games, to challenge their impossible and defy their limitations."
-  Toyota President, Mr. Akio Toyoda

Yes, feeling inspired!

Stir up your spirit
start your impossible
For the first time ever, Malaysia is represented at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Thanks to two young gentlemen who pursued their interests and dreams, proving Malaysians could do something we thought impossible. Kudos to Julian Yee and Jeffrey Webb!

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