Monday, June 18, 2012

Rahmat the former rock singer now sings 'Glorious Love of Rasulullah'


Allah guides whom He wills! Talk about His vast Rahmat.

Rahmat's rendition of five songs of praises for Rasulullah s.a.w in the CD is, to me, world-class as far as Islamic music is concerned. Rahmat, once a popular rock singer in Malaysia, has lately been associating himself with his guide Al Musnid Sheikh Muhammad Fuad bin Kamaludin Al Maliki. Thus, the CD comes with an endorsement from Yayasan Sofa, a foundation led by Al Maliki.

The album is named (in Malay) - 'Semarak Cinta Rasulullah' meaning the 'Glorious Love of Rasulullah'. My favorite song has got to be In Jabartum Kasra Qolbi - "If only you could heal my broken heart" - a number which is regularly sung by the Naqshbandi Haqqani band. Let me try to translate the lyrics for you here bi-iznillah.

Allah Allah Allah Allah
Maa lanaa mawlan siwallah
There is no master for us, save Allah

Kulla maa naa daitu yaa Hu
Everytime I call out 'Oh my Lord'

Qolaya 'abdi anallah
Allah will surely answer "Oh my servant, I am Allah"

In jabartum kasra qolbi
If only you could heal my broken heart

Antu mu ahluz zimaam
You may well be the most respected leader

Au wassol tum ya habaayib
Or perhaps you have arrived at Him, O lovers

Ha kazaa sha' nul kiram
That is a profession of the noble

Qo lat aqmaarud dayaaji
The moons speak, Oh so beautiful

Qul li ar baa bil ghoram
Say to those who are in ecstasy

Kullu man yakh shaq Muhammad
That all those who are in love and missed Muhammad
Fi amaanin wa salaam
Always be peaceful and safe

Wa habibi waj nataahu
Oh my beloved, whose cheek is radiant

War dataa ni kad dihaan
Like anointed rose 

Wa duumu 'ul 'aini tajrii
And tears fall out of missing you

Mithla haatho lil qomaam
Like the clouds pouring rain

Ar salallah hu ilaina
Allah has sent unto us

Bil karamaatil 'izom
with incredible honors

Ahmadal Mukhtari Taha
Ahmad, Al Mukhtar, Taha

Sayyidar ruslil kiraam
The leader of all honorable Rasul! 

This CD was a gift from a dear friend who visited me at the hospital recently. It has given me amazing healing, not forgetting my brilliant and compassionate surgeon Dr. Al Amin of Tawakkal Hospital. Alhamdulillah, with every sickness therein lies a miraculous remedy. With every hardship comes ease. Thanks, Sis Tina Jazakillahu khair!